Work Package 5 | Starting and delivery point (months) M1-M36

ncRNA Dissemination & Training


Objective WP5

One of the key focusses of EXPERT will be the dissemination and exploitation of project results in order to maximise the impact of this project. The Spanish group will coordinate EXPERT’s dissemination strategy, including project highlighting at relevant conferences, in peer-reviewed journals, and in graduate and postgraduate courses. In detail, target groups for the dissemination of project results do not only include the scientific community but also physicians and clinicians in the cardiovascular field, policy-makers, stakeholders, industry, SMEs, and the general public.

The EXPERT consortium will pursue different strategies to make project results available through: a) generation of a joint EXPERT webpage and regular press releases and contact with patient groups (Partner 2). Linked to this webpage, EXPERT will build a publically available data-base for cardiac ageing research, which will be a valuable and open source of data for a broad range of researchers and the community. b) publication of project results will be pursued through presentations at international conferences and through articles in high-ranking peer-reviewed journals. EXPERT will adhere to the Open Access Publication policy of the European Commission. c) public awareness of the urgent need for novel treatment of CVD will be increased through publications in the scientific popular press and through ‘Open Day’ events used to disseminate project results to the general public. (e.g. “Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften”, Germany; “La Noche Europea de los Investigadores”, Spain) EXPERT will pay special attention to the training of young investigators in the modern technologies already established at the laboratories of the consortium partners. Exchange visits of these scientists will be highly encouraged. WP5 will also develop a joint training strategy including generation of a regular web-based tutorial as well as yearly F2F meetings on ageing-related CVD especially for young scientists/fellows in the EXPERT member laboratories.

Each EXPERT PI will name one promising young candidate who will work closely with the Pls to design the joint training program. EXPERT will also closely collaborate with the “Hart & Vaat groep” (Heart & Vessel group; http://www.hartenvaatcroep.n1/) patient organisation of the Dutch Heart Foundation (through Partner 2). With regards to dissemination and training, the Hart & Vaat group will collaborate with EXPERT to: invite students and young scientists/physicians to promote their knowledge and awareness for therapeutic needs and to disseminate the work of EXPERT among patients. Furthermore, as part of this collaboration, we plan to regularly meet with the Hart & Vaat group for scientific briefings, conferences, public events (including those with media).