P. Faiez Zannad

University of Lorraine, Inserm-CHU of Nancy

Consultant at the Clinical Investigation Centre (CIC) Inserm.

Heart failure, Aldosterone, Fibrosis, Biomarkers, Clinical trials, Hypertension. He coordinates several EU FP7: Heart failure Omics and AGEing (HOMAGE), FIBRosis as a TARGET in Heart Failure (FIBROTARGETS), Franco-German ANR. FOCUS-MR. WP leader EU FP7 (The MEtabolic Road to DIAstolic Heart Failure (MEDIA), FHU CARTAGE and RHU FIGHT-HF, Nancy, he is the coordinator of the Contrat de Plan Etat Région Lorraine (CPER) « Innovations Technologiques, Modélisation et Médecine Personnalisée ».

He holds several patents in the biomarker field. Co-founder of « CardioRenal, Sarl », a telemedicine start-up. Founder and organizer of the CVCT forum « Global CardioVascular Clinical Trialists Forum ». ( with Inserm, US-NHLBI, EMA and FDA, since 2003, and now in Washington DC.


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